The Transformation Drive

During summer, It was about 40 degrees outside when we noticed a bunch of children studying under a tree and stopped to say hello. Two teachers were, Mrs Shilpa and Mrs. Shalu were passionately teaching these children wholeheartedly to give them the education they deserved. We got to know that Ram Kala Sadan aimed to help the children of the construction workers working around the Wazirabad road.

That’s when we decided to connect Ram Sadan to our local community to help them get a roof over their heads and basic amenities in place. To our surprise, we collected donations worth more than Rs. 50,000/- for Ram Kala Sadan simply by bridging the gap between the NGO and the local community.

Our Impact

  • Connected a small NGO ‘Ram Kala Sadan’ to the local community directly for donations
  • Received over Rs. 70,000/- to help the NGO ‘transform.’

  • Shifted the NGO from pavements to a proper room with basic amenities.

  • Received donations around Rs. 50,000/- to provide students with uniforms for free.