Back to school drive for 'neev'

  We all remember our childhood don’t we? The things we associated the new session with – the bag, water bottles, new stationery, tiffin boxes, new pencils, erasers and those shiny sharpeners; however, there are children who don’t have access to everything new. 

Therefore, we decided to run a drive for ‘Neev the Learning centre’ based in Gurgaon to connect about 100 people in Gurgaon to donate new stationery and infrastructure items for the learning centre.

Our impact 

  • Over 400 storybooks donated to Neev’s library

  • Whiteboards & Blackboards 

  • Sketch pens, erasers, sharpeners and scales.

  • Around 50 New Water bottles for the junior sections

  • 2 big iron shoe racks 

  • New durries and carpets 

  • Around 50 alphabet charts 

  • Fan & Tubelights for the new wing 

  • Hygiene products – 10 LITRES soap bottles, toiletries packs, napkins for 3 months 

  • Big aluminium book racks for the new library