Sports Talent Drive

September, 2019

I realised that there was a huge gap between children of the economically weaker section being trained for sports. Bagiya, a learning centre in Gurugram for the underprivileged, was aware of this problem and was working towards it by giving opportunities to their children in gold and marathon. 

 Our founder, Aryan, being a cricketer himself, decided to take cricket as a sport for the children to give them opportunities and find their inner talent in the sport. 

We then shortlisted 10 boys who were highly interested in cricket and connected these selected children to a professional coach, Sir Puru. This event was organised in a very known academy of Gurgaon  – Push Cricket Academy – under a trainer who is the coach for Delhi’s women’s team.  Out of these 10 kids, eventually, three players – Satya, Alok and Nabrul – from Bagiya got selected. These kids are now under Sir Puru’s supervision to be trained professionally and were given a new kit and the trained free of cost. 

our impact

Satya, Alok and Nabrul found their love for cricket and played several matches. They represented push cricket academy in district matches as well.

A new opportunity was given to these children other than academics to find their passion.