About Us

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About the founder

Hi! I’m Aryan Jalota and I’m the founder of CanUSupport.  I’m a seventeen year old student currently studying in the Shri Ram School, Aravali. 

My family and I have been active contributors to many NGOs, but there was one challenge we faced the most when it came to donating – what should we donate? For instance, the first thing which comes to our mind will be stationary and notebooks for NGOs and learning centres; however, NGOs receive these donations in bulk from various people, and the societal impact that donors want to make is minimised. 

Therefore, I decided to create a platform over the summer which can directly connect various NGOs and learning centres to the local community. This way, donors can directly donate according to the requirements of the NGOs, ultimately maximising the impact on the society. 

About the co-founder

Hi! I’m Divij Dhiraaj and I’m the co-founder of CanUsupport. I’m a Seventeen year old student studying the The Shri Ram School , Aravali.

When Aryan first approached me with the idea of building a platform to connect the less- known NGO’s who are in dire need of funds, I resonated with his though process for that is same stumbling block me and my family encounter when trying to donate. Most potential donors are only aware of the well established NGOs , not knowing that there might just be a smaller NGO in their area ,working towards community well-fare, lacking funds and donations.

While creating this site , that was our goal: to connect the less-established NGOs with donors so that the effect of their donations is maximised.

Our story


The idea for CanUSupport came to Aryan when he was passing the Wazirabad road in sector-52 when he saw two teachers, who were working professionals, teaching a group of about 20-25 children of nearby construction workers in the area to help them out and provide them with the education they deserved. Unfortunately, they did not have adequate funds to rent a room or afford benches and chairs to help the students get the education they wanted to provide to the children. They got a lot of donations which included stationery, old books, toys, and many other things, but they didn’t get donations for the things they really needed to surpass the problem they were facing. 


This is when the idea for CanUSupport was born to connect small-scaled learning centres and NGO started by people who have a good heart and who want to help and give back to society, directly to the community around them. This way, the community will know the NGOs near them and their requirements, donating according to what they really need, and aslo ensuring a direct communication between donators and NGOs. 

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