We partnered with the Pure Hearts team, an initiative run by children (aged 6-18), for the production of handmade cloth masks made by tailors of the local Basti in Gurgaon, providing livelihood opportunities to the tailors in these challenging times along with protection for many more lives. A lot of local communities and governments helped purehearts and CanUSupport with the cost of the materials (mainly cloth) used for the production of each mask.

Our Impact

  • Partnered with ‘Purehearts’ (A children’s initiative) to sell over 15,000 cotton masks to the local community
  • Masks were made by local tailors of Gurgaon to provide them with employment
  • Got commissioned by the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG) to provide tailors with financial aid
  • Donated over Rs. 100,000/- to over 30 tailors in the community