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Who We Are

CanUSupport is a student-led initiative which was founded in 2018 by Aryan Jalota, a student studying in the Shri Ram School Aravali. Our main aim is to help and support children studying in small NGOs and learning centres. 

At CanUSupport , we have always believed that any problem could be solved by creating strong and long lasting communities who strive to help others. Keeping this thought in mind, we aim to connect NGOs and learning centres to the local community directly. This way, people will get a chance to donate according to what the NGO really needs, rather than donating absentmindedly, to create the maximum impact. 

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What We Do

— We Connect

Our main mission is to connect NGOs to the local community around them. This way, people donate to the NGOs according to their needs and not absentmindedly. 

— We Initiate Drives

Nothing is better than focussing on a problem and facing it head on.  At CanUSupport, we initiate various drives to tackle a problem which NGOs and the children studying in the NGOs  face.

—We Find Volunteers

Through CanUSupport, volunteers can directly get in touch with NGOs and know what volunteering opportunities are open in NGOs around their area. 

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Worth of items donated to NGOs by our "CanUSupporters"!

We organise various drives!

At CanUSupport, we initiate various drives to tackle problems which NGOs and the children studying in these NGOs  face everyday.  

our partners

Impact Stories

The COVID-19 Mask Drive with Purehearts

Know more about how CanUSupport partnered with PureHearts to provide employment to the local tailors of Gurugram by making and distributing face masks. 

Sports Talent Drive -

Know more about how Nabrul, Aloka and Satya, From ‘Bagiya’ got an opportunity to train with Sir Puru From Push cricket academy – Coach of Delhi’s Women’s cricket team. 

Over Rs. 50,000/- collected for Transforming 'Ram Kala Sadan'

Know more about how CanUSupport was able to “Transform” ‘Ram Kala Sadan’, a learning centre based in gurugram. 

some words from our "canusupporters"

Pankaj Gautam Phagwara

"When a 15 year old (now 17) leads you by his wisdom of making change in life of people who are less fortunate, one tends to believe that you are living in a world where everything is not lost to internet space and consumerism. Aryan's energy is infallible and helping him and his cause brings me satisfaction. WIsh I would have started as young as he did"​

Priyanka Bhandari Lucknow

"I am a "CanUSupporter" because I learnt early in my life that if you see someone without a smile, give them yours! What better way could there be to bring a spark in someone's life!"

Namrata Verma Gurugram

"With CanUSupport, I found a path which I always wanted to walk on. My desire to serve others and helping the needy became less difficult and challenging! I am also a firm believer that "the good you put out into the world always has a way of coming back to you!

Sheena London

"I am a "CanUSupporter" as I strongly believe in equality. It is our duty as human beings to help our fellow humans when in need. I would urge every individual to donate whatever you can afford. Every little contribution helps! CanUSupport is doing a great work in connecting causes to the community in every way possible.